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Unique Mechanisms

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There’s a simple way to make a video stand out on YouTube

It’s giving people a reason why your video is unique.

In the direct response marketing world – this is used to sell billions of products every single year.

For example, when trying to lose weight, people have heard all of the options all before.

  • ”If you want to lose weight, try cardio.”
  • ”no bro – you need to lift weights.
  • “just eat less calories!”

The average overweight person has probably tried all of these – but not seen any results.

They want a solution to their problem…

If I tried to sell them “the guide to losing weight with cardio” – the person would think “I’ve tried that before… didn’t work for me.”

Hence, they won’t buy it.

But if the product was something new and innovate…

…they would think “ah this is the missing secret! It’s why I haven’t lost weight before!”

In fact, this is how a company sold $700 million of products called “p90x”..

In essence, it was just high intensity interval training (a training method that had been around forever).

But the introduced a unique mechanism “muscle confusion”.

People want a reason why they haven’t got results yet. If it’s because of that “one missing thing” – they can absolve themselves of any responsibility, and will pull out their credit card to buy.

The unique mechanism made someone very, very rich.

When I was running my photography training company, I applied the same thing.

I was teaching pro photographers how to get clients. This market is very saturated… tons of people are doing it.

My marketing message went something like this :

“the reason why you’re not getting clients, is because you’re targeting people who are NOT ready to buy. They don’t care about your services.

Instead, we run cheap and easy ads, and target people who are looking for your services right now.

People who need a photographer, and are happy to spend money.”

The training was basically “how to get clients with google ads” – but because I framed it as a new mechanism… people bought the product.

The unique mechanism was also used to sell cigarettes…

When the cigarette market became saturated, it was increasingly difficult for companies to stand out.

Lucky Strike hired a big marketing firm, who came up with a unique mechanism:

”It’s toasted.”

That single message meant people could instantly understand why Lucky Strike was different, and it skyrocketed sales.

Applying it to YouTube

But, this same approach can be applied to YouTube.

It could be “the reason why you haven’t achieved X is because you don’t know about Y”.

”The reason you haven’t grown your channel is because of “algorithm confusion”. Youtube doesn’t know who to recommend your videos to.. so you get no views.”

(Then you would talk about how inconsistent videos makes the viewer confused, and stop watching your videos.)

Remember, the unique mechanism should make people think “ahh yes, this is the missing piece that I’ve never seen before! It’s the reason why I’m not getting results!”

It’s pretty easy with educational style videos. You just figure out a way to frame your process as being different from everyone else’s process.

Let’s say I had a channel about creating pizza.

I could do something like “the reason why your pizza comes out doughy and thick, is because you don’t know about the ‘Italian Twist’ for making your dough”.

The ‘Italian Twist’ would make people subconsciously think “this must be different from all the other pizza videos I’ve seen… I better watch this!”

But, it can be applied to entertainment channels too…

“Today we’re going to fill a bathtub with mentos and coke… but not just any old coke. We imported ABC coke from India because it is twice as explosive as regular coke”.

See how that would be different from a normal “mentos and coke in a bath” video?

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