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0 to 100k a month on a small channel

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It’s possible to take a small youtube channel to over 100k a month… without relying on adsense or sponsorships.

Most creators don’t publish their income publicly, but here’s one who does. Thomas Frank Explains.
Watch from 19:35

In short, he’s making over 130k/mo from 200k subs.

(A rough estimate would be about $5,400/mo from adsense, the rest is from digital products).

Or Sam P Dun, making 10k/mo from 9k subscribers.

Let me explain how…

There are 2 phases to selling anything.

1 – marketing. Let people know your thing exists.

2 – sales. Convince them to buy your thing.

The best product in the world will never sell.. if nobody knows about it. Sales can’t exist without marketing.

Great marketing  (and a fantastic product) makes selling effortless.

If you cut through all of the fluff… marketing is essentially just an attention game.

Whoever has the most attention, wins. If 10,000,000 people see your product, I guarantee you will get sales. No matter how bad it is.

And what is YouTube? A game of attention.

People spend hours ‘marketing’ their videos. They come up with killer ideas, package them up nicely, edit them well etc.

To convert attention into sales, you need trust.

Thankfully, successful YouTubers are already building trust by default.

Quality content = trust.

How does that turn into 130k/month income?

Market > Problem -> Solution

Let’s look at Thomas’ channel again.

His content is all about notion. But, notion is just a tool. People are there to learn something.

They want to learn how to be more productive, by using notion.

What market is he in? Productivity.

If you look at Sams channel, on the surface it is about video editing. But that’s not the market he is in.
The market he is in, is making money. Video editing is just the tool to make money.

Once you know the market… Think about what problems your viewers might have.

Well – someone who is interested in productivity content… probably wants to be more productive.

The Solution

So how does Thomas’ solve that? He offers paid solutions.

Two notion templates. One for creators to streamline their content plan, and the second is a “second brain” (for people wanting to be more productive).

Yes – he has TWO products and makes $130k a month.

The key is to find a burning problem that people have. And then create a solution for it. (Not the other way around).

The more burning a problem it is.. The easier it is to sell a solution.


  • Does this problem keep them up at night?
  • Do they talk to their friends about it?
  • Do they consume content around solving that problem?

2 out of 3 is enough.

No matter what your channel is about.. your viewers will have some sort of problem.

Chances are – you can’t help with 99% of the problems. But if you figure out which problem you can help with… you’re onto a winner.

Don’t overcomplicate things. If people have a burning problem, selling is easy.

Thomas’ free YouTube content acts as a marketing tool. Helps people to discover him, build trust, generate goodwill… And get a ton of free attention.

Free content = attention.
Attention = $$$.