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Engineering Virality

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What if, you knew how to guarantee a video would go viral…

Even with a terrible thumbnail and title?

Let me explain…

It’s possible to engineer virality.

To leverage popular websites, make them talk about your video…

And get tons of views in the process.

Think about blogs and news websites for a minute.

How do they make money?

Ad revenue.

What do they want? More people visiting their site.

They NEED the views.

Else they die.

We can abuse this, through a technique I call “laddering”.

It works like this.

1 – get small websites to post about your video (websites with less than 50k monthly visits).

2 – Tell medium sized websites, that the small ones are posting about your video… And ask them to do the same (between 50k-500k monthly visits).

3 – Then repeat with large sized websites (500k+ monthly visits).

Let’s put this into actual steps:

Step 1 – Make a video that is worthy of the views.

Step 2 – Find small websites who have posted content similar to your video before.

Step 3 – Reach out “hey I saw you posted ABC before, I’ve just created XYZ and thought you might want to check it out.”

Step 4 – When small websites start posting about it. Send it up the ladder.

“Hey, I saw you posted similar videos to ABC before. I created XYZ video and it has already been posted on ___ websites.”

Step 5 – Repeat steps 2-4 multiple times, with different websites. The more you do… the higher chance of going viral.

Step 6 – If it all pays off, the video will get sucked into the news machine, and websites will post organically about it.

I’ve done this on multiple videos, and had millions of views as a result… It works.