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Finding a profitable audience

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Every successful YouTube channel has an audience.

But – if you try and sell to the wrong part of the audience… you’ll make no money.

Your channel will be based around a certain topic.

For example – Mr Beasts is based around entertaining challenges and large giveaways.

Charisma on command, teaches people how to be charismatic, through lessons from celebrities and movies.

But – their audience isn’t all made up of identical people.

Mr Beasts videos might be watched primarily by kids. But are they the only people who watch them? No. His audience will be made up of people from 8, to 80.

But, not every audience is profitable.

Whenever you look at an overall audience, think about the individual groups of people within it.

(A group of people could be based on gender, demographics, age, hobbies, etc).

The bigger an audience is, the more groups of people it will have in it.

An audience doesn’t look like this:

It looks like this:

Every group of people will have different problems, different income levels, and different desires.

If you target the wrong group of people, they wont have the desire (or means) to buy your paid thing.

The key, is to target the most profitable group of people.

Let’s illustrate this with a real example. A creator reached out to me on discord recently and asked “which audience do I try and sell to?”

Group A = 13-22 yo. Not wealthy, have a self confidence problem, but aren’t motivated to fix it.

Group B = 20-30 yo. Has money, wants to improve their life… but is a smaller part of their audience.

You make money when you find a market > problem > solution fit.

You need to start with a profitable market.

In this case, which market would be more profitable?

A would be difficult to sell to. You would need to convince them they have a problem, they need to find money, and they need to decide to fix the problem.

Group B? A lot easier… They have the money and desire to fix their problem.

Sometimes a smaller group can be vastly more profitably than a large group.

For example, who has more disposable income. A group of 5 people who earn mid-six figures working in the tech industry.

Or a group of 500, eight-year-olds?

What makes a profitable audience?

  • Has the money to pay for a solution
  • Recognises that they HAVE a problem
  • Has the desire to fix the problem

For people starting out with a new channel, this is great news. They can decide who their profitable audience is in advance, and then target them with their content.

For existing channels, ask yourself “does my content already target a profitable audience?”

If not – you might need to change strategies and shift your content to attract a new audience.

Audience Size

However – the audience size will also come into play here.

Let’s say you want to sell a notion template for $50. To make any real money – you will need to sell a lot of templates every month.

However – lets say you sell high performance coaching to CEOs. That could be sold for substantially more… so you might only need to sell 1 package a month to be profitable.

There is no right or wrong answer here, it’s hard to say “you need X amount of followers before you should monetise.”

Instead, start monetising early. You can always ramp things up later.

If you can sell 10 templates a month, then you can sell 100 a month. Or 1000 a month.

Equally – the more niche your audience is, the quicker you can monetise.

For example, lets say your channel is just about high performance coaching. That is the only thing you talk about. You have 500 subscribers, and 25% of them are CEOs… it would be easy to convert some of them into clients.

But lets say your channel is Charisma on Command, and you teach people how to be more charismatic, through the lessons of popular movies.

Well now you have a lot more “pockets of people” in your audience. You could have 100,000 subscribers, and only 10 of them might be CEOs. It will be much more difficult to convert them into high performance coaching clients.